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Power Cable Accessories

Medium Voltage Cold Applied Silicone Rubber Bushing Boot

Medium Voltage Cold Applied Silicone Rubber Straight / Right Bushing Boot

Heat Shrinkable Wraparound Jacket Repair Sleeve

EPDM Cold Shrink Tubing

Heat Shrinkable Rain Sheds

Heat Shrinkable Anti-Tracking Cable Breakout

Copper Braid

Copper Mesh (Tinned / Untinned)

Dual Wall (Double Layer) Tubing

Heat Shrinkable Stress Control Tubing

Heat Shrinkable Semi Conductive Tubes

Heat Shrinkable Semi Conductive Cable Breakouts

Heat Shrinkable Medium / Heavy Wall Tubes

Heat Shrinkable Cable End Caps

Heat Shrinkable Bus Bar Tube

Mechanical Connector & Lugs

Polymeric Tee (T) Connector for HT AB Cable

Power Cable Accesories

Compaq International is a leading organization, which deals in designing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of engineering based power cable accessories for all cable types. Ranging from Bushing Boots, Cable Terminations, Shear head Bolt Connectors and Lugs, Cable Joints and other Jointing Accessories, we manufacture a wide collection of power cable accessories.

Some of our products include:

Our products are an ideal solution for several industries around the world such as Energy, marine, mining, offshore and nuclear. They are designed to meet the required standards and cope with environmental extremes and high pollution levels over long operating lifetimes.

Compaq develops specially formulated insulation materials that have qualities of resisting erosion, tracking, and degradation caused by ultraviolet light and other environmental stresses. Not only is that, our accessories are also useful in electrical insulation, power distribution and Transmission, telecommunication and many other important works in similar applications and industries.

Compaq products are equipped with features to provide excellent sealing and insulating performance with heat Shrinkable, Cold Shrinkable & other materials. These proven materials make the base of Cable Terminations, straight and branch joints for voltages up to 66 kV.

Some of the features include: